At Martin Arnold we specialise in Neighbourly Matters, dealt with by our dedicated Professional Services team who are experts in this field. Neighbourly Matters is a term used to describe common issues that can arise between neighbouring property owners such as required rights of access, oversail and boundary disputes, along with the most common issues of Party Wall Matters for which further information is available here.

We are experienced in matters relating to both the residential and commercial sectors, with extensive experience in both new developments and refurbishment projects. At Martin Arnold, we understand that clients need early and accurate advice to ensure that risks surrounding neighbouring properties are considered and mitigated before works commence.

We can provide a Neighbourly Matters Assessment which reports and comments on the proposals in respect of any affect upon neighbouring properties which may require a licence to be agreed permitting access to a neighbouring property to complete the works. As part of the assessment, we identify relevant adjoining properties / owners that may be affected, obtain Land Registry searches, confirm what information may be required to facilitate any agreements, and identify any issues that might need to be included and managed throughout the project.

Matters of access to neighbouring land can often fall outside of Party Wall legislation and require negotiations between property owners to agree rights of oversail from cranes, scaffolding, or simply access to place hoarding on the adjoining land. We use our experience and specialist knowledge to advise on, and agree, licences for this work between owners.

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