At Martin Arnold we specialise in Party Wall Matters, with a dedicated Professional Services team who are experts in this field. Party Wall Matters describe a legal process and agreement that is required should either neighbouring owner need to carry out any notifiable work as is defined within the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 (the Act). This can be construction on or up to a boundary line, excavation close to an adjoining property, or works directly to a shared wall or structure.

Party Wall agreements ensure that a neighbouring owner does not suffer any loss or damage to their property due to a Building Owner’s proposed work, and the Act itself provides a clear framework to follow in terms of the timeliness of notification of the work to the neighbouring owner. We are experienced Party Wall Surveyors in the residential and commercial sectors, with extensive experience in both development and refurbishment projects.

Whether you are a Building Owner proposing notifiable work, or an Adjoining Owner in receipt of a Notice, one of our team would be delighted to advise you of the next steps and work with you through the processes that the Act sets out. Our team of experts are accredited members of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors (FPWS) and the Pyramus and Thisbe Society (PTS), and would be more than happy to provide any further advice on these matters.

Further information can be found in our Party Wall Factsheet.

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