Martin Arnold have been providing Employer’s Agent services on a flagship scheme of 65 Affordable Rent flats on an infill site in Plaistow, noted for its high-quality architecture. A fully Passivhaus Certified development, the scheme will provide much needed affordable housing in the borough with lower energy bills for residents and resultantly, a reduction in fuel poverty.

  • Client

    Mayor and Burgesses of London Borough of Newham

  • Contractor

    Bugler Developments

  • Contract Value


  • Duration

    2 years 10 months

  • Address

    1 Bishop Avenue, London, E13 0RB

Critical Challenges

Martin Arnold assessed, served notices and agreed Party Wall agreements with the neighbouring property. As the development was to be constructed upon piled foundations, the excavations were within notifiable distances of the surrounding properties and therefore Notices of Adjacent excavation were to be served upon the adjoining owners. Martin Arnold used our extensive knowledge and experience to negotiate the agreements with the adjoining owners and their surveyors to ensure a smooth process for the construction. This process required visiting multiple adjoining properties to record schedules of condition, review of the proposals from the building owner and the agreement of Party Wall awards.

LB Newham had a strong sustainability agenda and pushed for the scheme to be Passivhaus. This was the first development of the size undertaken by LB Newham to achieve the standard both in terms of specification and certification.

To ensure the standard was met, the heat provision in each property is delivered through a communal system, ASHPs have been introduced to provide hot water and MVHR systems have been integrated to reduce the heat load. Window sizes have also been reduced in order to prevent overheating. Additionally, electrical radiators have been put into the properties, with the view that these should only be needed during the very coldest part of winter.

Additionally, the development was built on an infill site within an existing estate. There were a number of challenges as a result including existing services, proximity to adjacent buildings and overlooking.

Added Value

The scheme benefitted from having a Principal Contractor who was highly experienced in Passivhaus developments and understood the level of construction required to meet the standard. As a result, the scheme achieves an air loss figure of much below 1. Martin Arnold also has an extensive knowledge of Passivhaus, having worked with Newham previously on developments meeting this standard and from having an in-house Certified Passivhaus Designer.

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