Martin Arnold provided Contract Administration services on a cladding remediation project at Millard Road, a development in Deptford which comprised of 108 homes across two buildings. Our team oversaw the removal of combustible materials on the façade of the building, replacing them with non-combustible materials or materials of limited combustibility. Our Clerk of Works team were also based on site, ensuring the quality of the build met the Employer’s Requirements.

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Once our team had opened up the building, we discovered that the as-built drawings had incorrectly showed the external risers to be part of the original structure. There were 14 different risers, each of which were bespoke and therefore required their own specific detail in order to make the building compliant with Building Safety legislation. The risers also backed onto an existing residential property which meant additional fire stopping was required. The timber frame of the building also required extensive work in order to achieve the desired EWS1 B1 rating.

The redesign, necessitated by inaccurate as-built drawings, alongside issues with the timber frame, contributed to an extended programme length as well as increased project costs. We were transparent about this with the client and wider consultant team, acting in a collaborative way and providing constant communications/updates on works progress. In terms of project costs, we worked with the client to reclaim some of the costs through the Building Safety Fund.

Additionally, works took place while residents remained in-situ. Acknowledging that the work would be disruptive for residents, we attended monthly resident meetings and provided regular updates on the works progress.

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