The site was originally purchased by The Hyde Group with just the benefit of an outline planning consent for 40 new homes and was purchased with the determination to deliver a mixed tenure scheme through Construction Management procurement, providing high quality homes for private sale and affordable home ownership, at best value price.

Martin Arnold’s technical team co-ordinated and collaborated with Hyde’s design team, including civil and structural engineers, architect and stats consultant to develop the design from RIBA Stage 2 through Stages 3 and 4 whilst, simultaneously, securing the Reserved Matters Application.

With a detailed design secured and using a blend of existing supply chain sub-contractors from previously successful CM projects, delivered by Hyde and Martin Arnold, coupled with new local supply chain sub-contractors, we managed a procurement exercise that allowed Hyde to start on site with 60% Cost Certainty from breaking ground.

Working with up to 8 contractors on site at the same time, the project was delivered in phases that allowed Hyde to pre-sell units and take partial possession of groups of units at a time. During the construction process, and in response to Hyde’s sales strategy we provided 3 different show homes at different stages of the build to provide the sales team with the greatest flexibility to manage the sales process.

A high-quality scheme, delivered at lower cost than similar specification design and build projects, the development at Christ’s Hospital was as popular with the affordable home ownership market as it was with the highly specified large, detached properties that were sold on the open market.

  • Client

    Hyde Housing

  • Contract Value


  • Duration

    2 years

  • Address

    Christ's Hospital, Horsham

  • Contract Type

    Bespoke Trade Contracts

Critical Challenges

The first critical challenge on the project was to secure the Reserved Matters Application and achieve a rapid start on site to suit Hyde’s timeframes. We moved to clear all the pre-commencement conditions as a priority and simultaneously worked up groundworks and timber frame packages for tender. Whilst the RMA was being considered by the LPA, we completed the tender exercise on the initial packages and this allowed us to make a quick start on the first phase’s build, whilst installing all the major infrastructure for the rest of the site.

The second critical challenge was managing stakeholder interests throughout the construction phase. We had to manage and agree a BAPA with Network Rail for the development of the site alongside the boundary of the railway, whilst also delivering a new car park for the original vendor as part of the land acquisition deal. Both of these interests had direct influences on the way the project programme was delivered.

The final critical challenge on the project was to deliver Value Engineering and cost savings to the client, without compromising on quality. We worked hard to successfully deliver savings back to the client and still produce high quality units attractive for sale.

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