Redevelopment of an existing site of an area of 0.06 ha, housing Lewisham National Reserve Club with associated amenity and accommodation within existing 3-storey Victorian building.

The proposal comprises of the provision of Club’s space within lower ground and ground floor with associated amenity and 9no. of residential units. Located at the front of the site, Building 1 is 4-storeys high with an additional lower ground floor and contains the Club and flats above. Building 2 is located at the back of the site and is of 2-storey high.

Both buildings are adjacent to each other and form continuous street frontages while filling in the gap within the existing urban grain of quiet, residential Park Rise Road and providing new frontage on busy London’s South Circular – Stanstead Road – while offering a new corner feature / treatment using a contemporary architectural approach to the form, material as well as detail while respecting existing setting.

The scale, as well as form, of the development adheres to the neighbouring built environment’s scale and the density meets the London Plan’s guidance based on Public Transport Availability (PTAL) level 2 which prescribes for 45-170 u/ha (units per hectare) for urban setting which translates to 3-10 residential units for the site.

The proposed materials pallet is rather simple with an aim to adhere to the existing built environment as well as to provide robust, long lasting, locally sourced and thus environmentally friendly materials. Its key components are: corten cladding (to adhere to red brick within existing surrounding) and smooth and textured off white brick (to adhere to off-white render).

Overlooking, overshadowing, outlook and privacy aspects were some of the key design drivers, especially during early stages of the design development, which influenced scale of the buildings and shape of its roofs.

  • Client

    Private Client

  • Contract Value


  • Duration

    24 months

  • Address

    Stanstead Road, Lewisham, London, SE23

Pre-planning consultations with the Local Authority have been undertaken twice during over 3-year design development period, during which all relevant design aspects and planning policies were discussed.

Public consultations with the local residents, as well as Club’s members, have been undertaken alongside professional consultations including Secured by Design.

The scheme has been designed to meet Lifetime Homes Standard, Technical Housing Standards and in the spirit of Building for Life as well as National Design Guide.

The development is proposed to be car free to encourage use of public and alternative forms of transport.

An appropriate amount of refuse and secured, lockable cycle storage has been provided.

Heating and electricity will be supported by use of Air Source Heat Pumps for Building 1 / houses and photovoltaic panels for Building 2, providing 36.5% improvement over current relevant part of Building Regulations.

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