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Building Surveying

Acquisition Surveys

We recognise the need for our clients to make quick decisions when purchasing stock. We have dedicated, reliable survey teams who can quickly and efficiently provide accurate information in a format which is easily interrogated to help our clients make informed strategic decisions.

Our services include assessing stock condition and budgeting for capital and life cycle repairs, all co-ordinated through either our own or third party software packages.

Asset Management Experts

We assist our clients through every aspect of the asset management process and understand the critical importance of an effectively maintained asset management database. We are expert in stock management and have experience and a detailed understanding of a wide variety of software packages used by clients, often refining the software to align with the client’s core objectives.

Our understanding of the analytical aspect of asset management coupled with our detailed knowledge of our client’s stock enables our clients to make informed decisions with their programme management and spend.

Building Surveys

Our building surveys are meticulous in detail and undertaken by our in-house building experts.  We always establish our clients’ brief prior to a survey to ensure that their particular requirements are at the forefront of our surveyor’s mind.

We undertake all survey types; stock condition, HHSRS, defect diagnosis, full building, structural fire risk assessments, feasibility and more.

We always exceed our client’s requirements capturing and advising on all aspects of the building's condition, maintenance requirements and life-cycle budgeting to allow our clients to make accurate and informed decisions.

Conservation Specialists

Our sympathetic approach and technical knowledge of current fabric treatment methods allows us to provide our clients with the expert advice required when dealing with the sensitive nature of historic buildings.

We liaise closely with English Heritage and Conservation Officers to understand their expectations and provide the best possible solution to meet these whilst fulfilling our client’s brief.

Our expertise ranges from replacing or enhancing key building elements, through to extensive refurbishment of graded properties.

Contract Administration

Contract Administration is the heart of our business and as experts, we are able to efficiently apply the principles to our work in all sectors.

Our wide and varied service provides clients with a reliable and pro-active approach, exceeding expectations on all aspects of project delivery. 

Contract Administration requires a detailed understanding of the client's business and objectives to deliver a successful project, designed to understand their requirements, completed on time and within budget.

Good communication between all contractual parties is fundamental to meeting the contract objectives. We promote all methods of modern communication and utilise our web-based collaborative tool on all of our projects to assist with the sharing of information. 

We ensure that Contract Administration becomes a foundation of our surveyor’s knowledge and advice through detailed exposure and training.

Fire Risk Assessments & Management

We are qualified as NEBOSH fire risk and safety management consultants and are affiliate members of the Institution of Fire Engineers. We review all proposals with fire safety in mind.

We provide a 'competent person' to undertake fire risk assessments to any building type, we can help preparing fire risk plans and advise on design, specification and cost of any passive and active fire protection measures required.

We also have an extensive list of suppliers and competent contractors whom we have built excellent working relationships with and whose procurement and management we can oversee on our client’s behalf.

Our service offers a 360˚ review of fire protection and safety from initial assessment through to completion of works, providing our clients with fully compliant premises.   

Maintenance Planning

We have a detailed understanding of the increasing importance of stock modelling in asset management and maintenance planning. We have a range of tools and techniques that we employ, gathering accurate data, modelling and interpreting the data then providing our clients with the most appropriate approach to plan their maintenance strategies. 

We possess both the knowledge and experience required to accurately survey clients’ stock, model the data collected and advise on programming, procurement and contract management of the works from concept to completion.

Measured Surveys

Our clients require accurate floor plans to assess their property stock as part of their asset strategy. Our service provides traditional measured building surveys to all types of building.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of accuracy, giving our client confidence that whatever future plans they have for their property stock that they have reliable information to hand.

Neighbourly Matters

At Martin Arnold we specialise in Neighbourly Matters, a term used to describe common issues that can arise between neighbouring property owners.

We are experienced Party Wall Surveyors in the residential and commercial sectors, with extensive experience in both development and refurbishment projects. When carrying out notifiable construction work we integrate our technical knowledge and experience to safeguard the interests of property owners.

Matters of access to neighbouring land can fall outside of the Act and require negotiations between property owners to agree rights of over sail for cranes, scaffolding or simply access to place hoarding on adjoining land. We use our experience and specialist knowledge to advise on and agree licences for this work between adjoining owners.

Early and accurate advice is crucial to ensure risks are considered and mitigated before works commence. We can provide a Neighbourly Matters Assessment which reports and comments on proposals in respect of which Notices are required under the Party Wall Act, along with advice on other common issues such as those which may require a licence to be agreed. As part of the assessment we identify relevant adjoining properties / owners that may be affected, obtain Land Registry searches, confirm what information may be required to facilitate the agreement and identify any issues that might need to be included and managed throughout the work.

Tom Hopkins BSc (Hons) MFPWS MRICS, an Associate at Martin Arnold is an accredited member of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors (FPWS) and a member of the Pyramus and Thisbe Club (P&T), would be more than happy to provide any further advice on these matters. Further information can be found in our Party Wall Factsheet.

Schedules of Condition

Our experience in undertaking schedules of condition is wide-ranging and encompasses a variety of residential, educational and leisure buildings. Our inspections and schedule production is provided by our dedicated team of building surveyors. We work on a variety of schemes from high value residential properties within central London through to Stratford International Rail station. We are flexible but always expert and tailor our schedules in line with the client’s requirements.

Stock Condition Surveys

We have considerable experience in undertaking scoping and stock condition surveys through our dedicated building surveying teams. We provide expert advice and delivery in undertaking volume surveys in occupied residential properties for both social housing clients and also contractors, regularly using and with a full understanding of handheld devices for data collection and management. 

We have extensive knowledge in stock management software and fully understand the method of data capture to extrapolate the required data.  We have also developed our own web system that can be used for data capture, specification formulation and all other aspects of the contract's phases.

We regularly undertake stock condition surveys for our clients to assist in planned maintenance of existing stock, for stock transfer bids and other stock rationalisation programmes.

Survey Specialists

Our extensive track record in delivering high-volume survey programmes is founded through our expertise in buildings and our expert communication skills.  Using our extensive experience we are able to offer a range of specialist survey and data capture solutions to suit each individual client. Having reviewed a client’s existing data systems and gaining an understanding of their risk management processes, we use our experience of survey data and information management to provide great benefits to our clients for high-volume survey programmes.

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