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Asset Management

Conservation Specialists

Our sympathetic approach and technical knowledge of current fabric treatment methods allows us to provide our clients with the expert advice required when dealing with the sensitive nature of historic buildings.

We liaise closely with English Heritage and Conservation Officers to understand their expectations and provide the best possible solution to meet these whilst fulfilling our client’s brief.

Our expertise ranges from replacing or enhancing key building elements, through to extensive refurbishment of graded properties.

Contract Administration

Contract Administration is the heart of our business and as experts, we are able to efficiently apply the principles to our work in all sectors.

Our wide and varied service provides clients with a reliable and pro-active approach, exceeding expectations on all aspects of project delivery. 

Contract Administration requires a detailed understanding of the client's business and objectives to deliver a successful project, designed to understand their requirements, completed on time and within budget.

Good communication between all contractual parties is fundamental to meeting the contract objectives. We promote all methods of modern communication and utilise our web-based collaborative tool on all of our projects to assist with the sharing of information. 

We ensure that Contract Administration becomes a foundation of our surveyor’s knowledge and advice through detailed exposure and training.

Construction Management

We have extensive and detailed experience of managing contracts during the pre-contract period and once on site, our central aim of construction management is to ensure that the works are delivered on time, according to the contract specification and at the price agreed in the contract.  This procurement route enables us to accelerate the overall programme whilst retaining control over design, quality and costs.  Procuring the individual trade packages means that savings gained through our supply chain will be experienced by our clients.

As experienced construction managers we are able to effectively manage existing and new sub-contract supply chains, driving construction quality and providing improved value for money for our clients. We help our clients manage their increased risk exposure by tailoring the level of risk to each individual project and work collaboratively with all stakeholders within the project design team to deliver the project to meet our client’s objectives on cost, quality and time.

Environmental and Sustainability Advisors

We are dedicated to achieving sustainable and energy efficient solutions. We offer comprehensive advice on all matters in relation to energy and the environment, and in particular on how to reduce carbon levels and improve energy efficiency in existing stock.

The industry is experiencing an influx of new technology in this sector and we can provide expert advice in relation to the potential energy solutions considering cost, efficiencies and ongoing maintenance liabilities to enable our clients to make informed decisions.

Stock Transfer Advisors

We are involved in a number of large property stock transfer programmes with our clients. These include large-scale refurbishment projects, planned maintenance and stock re-investment initiatives.

Our expert advisors are involved at all stages of the transfer, assisting with the due diligence process and significantly contributing to the successful ballot and transfer.  Once the stock is acquired by our client we provide technical advice, stock analysis and financial validation. We apply our contract administration expertise using direct construction management packages to ensure quality and best value for our client. The innovative methods of flexible data management that we have developed assist the programme from start to finish.

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