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4 Gunnery Terrace
The Royal Arsenal
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The Beehive
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Vision / Mission

Bring positive change to the built environment by seeking the best possible solution to any tasks that we’re faced with.

Who we are

We’re a growing team of Architects and Technologists whose ambition is to deliver quality regardless of the size of a project. We have completed projects of various scale and budget from £50K to £10M within the leisure, education, commercial and residential sectors offering pre-contract concept design as well as post contract technical design services.

What we do

We provide practical and innovative solutions which meet our Clients' brief. We create a vision to meet Clients’ expectations by seeking the best possible design outcome whilst optimising project budgets. We listen to our Clients’ needs to meet their requirements foremost, and always aspire to achieve the highest quality of service to deliver a successful end product that all stakeholders are proud of.

Conscious of the context and respectful of its history, we have a sensitive and individual approach towards each design task. We understand that sustainable design starts from the early stages of the design process and requires collaboration of all design team members in order to achieve a successful outcome.

We create Architecture that delivers innovative designs, which is efficient and practically built.

Who we work with

Local Authorities
Private Clients

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