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Constant & Holmesdale

Project Insights

  • Client Gateway Housing
  • Contract Value £1,650,000.00
  • Duration 1 year
  • Development Vertical extension providing seven new homes.

Project Description

The scheme in Poplar involved a single storey roof extension to an existing flat roof. The use of existing accommodation/buildings, in an area where reasonably priced land or development opportunities are difficult to find, developing in or on the roof space is an innovative solution to the problem of a rising demand for affordable housing. The space removes the need to purchase fresh land. The space removes the need to purchase fresh land.  The site is an ex-local authority 1930’s housing estate, and the existing buildings were traditionally constructed flats with concrete hollow pot floors supported on load bearing masonry brickwork.

Added Value

The main challenge was the interaction with existing residents during the construction period. We established a number of procedures to ensure residents had an opportunity to express any concerns they had about the work. We held regular public meetings to engage with residents and a TLO (Tenant Liaison Officer) was on site to provide assistance as required.

The existing roof was braced with a steel frame and the tank rooms and chimneys that were demolished. To minimise the load on the existing building, the new superstructure was a timber construction, and the frame was completed in around two weeks. The new units in the scheme achieved an EcoHomes rating of Very Good.



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