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Cladding & EWI Replacement - The Grid System

Project Insights

  • Duration 14 Months
  • Development The Grid System developed by Martin Arnold to digitally record and managed external wall replacement systems


Purpose of using Gridline System - The purpose of utilising a gridline system for Cladding and EWI replacement is to easily identify an area of works from another. With all materials being recorded at varying stages of their installation, including the existing structure, it is vital to know the location of works taking place in each area. All materials being used are the same throughout the works therefore without using a gridline system it would be impossible to identify locations.

How was the Gridline System Setup? - The gridline system was setup using the gridline co-ordinates on the drawings used during its initial construction. The example images below show the existing drawings with initial gridlines. The second image shows the gridlines setup ready for use.

Added Value

Programme - The gridline system is utilised for the programming of works. Due to the flats being occupied by residents we would agree that the existing strip off and replacement works are completed during a 5-day period (Monday- Friday) to minimise disruption and reduce the risk of large areas being opened to the elements for long periods of time.

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