Martin Arnold Are SECBE Constructing Excellence Finalists

Martin Arnold Are SECBE Constructing Excellence Finalists

We are delighted to announce that Martin Arnold, The Hyde Group, EQUANS, Hamilton (Building Contractors) Ltd and AliDeck have been shortlisted for the SECBE Constructing Excellence Award for Integration & Collaborative Working.
Artesian House was originally constructed in 2003. It was the first part of a major regeneration programme for Bermondsey Spa which would eventually deliver 2,000 new homes in the London Borough of Southwark. The highest part of the building stands at 7 storeys, lowering by a storey where each core divides, resulting in a stepped roof.

Hyde Housing commissioned Martin Arnold to visit and organise testing of around 100 blocks within London and the Southeast based upon the MHCLG’s advice on aluminium composite material [ACM] in cladding. This commission involved attending each site, identifying potential ACM materials that would require testing, coordinating sampling programme and managing the delivery of samples to government approved laboratories.

After attending Artesian House with Hyde’s appointed Expert Witness and conducting a Type 4 survey of the building, we identified the presence of ACM materials. Following this, we were instructed to design and manage the replacement of the cladding, as well as the decking and balcony component systems. In addition, fire stopping issues within the building itself necessitated the removal of sections of ceilings to carry out works between the flats and communal areas.
The building’s original construction was challenging due to the curvature of the walkways at all levels. This resulted in frequent design meetings between Martin Arnold, Engie, Hamilton and AliDeck at each stage of the project. These were crucial to ensuring that we had considered key junctions to all three of the wall types, maintaining the required u-values and compliance with the regulations, all while trying to fix straight boards onto curved walkways.

MA’s enhanced presence on site, with a CoW on site every day, meant we were always available to discuss issues with Engie and Hamilton as they were identified and collaboratively formulate a solution. Not only were we able to keep the project’s budget under control, but the programme was largely unaffected by the need for variations when they arose.

Artesian House remained in occupation throughout the project. The decision to remove and replace external cladding panels in sections and instalments helped us to ensure that each flat remained watertight at the end of each working day. This contributed to the high levels of Resident Satisfaction experienced throughout the project.
Resident Satisfaction was further enhanced as a direct result of the collaborative nature of all parties concerned. The consistent and constant flow of information between Martin Arnold, Hyde, Engie and the rest of the supply chain meant that everyone had access to pooled knowledge and could confidently answer questions from residents about the progress of the project. This was particularly important to us considering the sensitive nature of the works being carried out and helped allay the concerns of residents about the safety of their homes and families.

The project has received an A1 EWS1 rated certificate. This was the first time that Hyde Housing had achieved this on a major recladding project. Hyde Housing have commended the works and are using this scheme as a benchmark standard for other projects of a similar nature.

We look forward to the winners being announced at the Awards Ceremony in June.