Spotlight on Cladding Video Series

The recent fire which devastated a 20-storey residential block in Milan was a stark reminder that cladding remediation is still a critical topic for any housing providers who still have properties with combustible facades within their portfolio.

For the last 3 years we have worked with the Ministry of Housing Communities & Local Government and a number of clients on residential properties that require re-cladding.

As signatories to the Building a Safer Future Charter we believe in being part of the movement to change the culture surrounding building safety in the housing sector through sharing knowledge and information. This is why we have produced three short, informative videos which share our experiences of these projects, and maybe answer some questions around the challenges ahead.

Assessing the Issue from Martin Arnold on Vimeo.

Preparing the Strategy from Martin Arnold on Vimeo.

Delivering the Solution from Martin Arnold on Vimeo.