Proud Signatories of the Building A Safer Future Charter

This month (June 2021) marked the 4th anniversary of the fire that devastated Grenfell Tower. The tragic loss of 72 lives rightly saw the construction industry enter a state of introspection as we, collectively, sought to learn lessons from the disaster and ensure that such a tragedy could not happen again.

2018 saw the publication of the Hackett review, “Building a Safer Future,” which set out more than 50 recommendations intended to apply to new and existing high-rise residential properties 10 storeys high or more, while also suggesting that certain recommendations should be applied to a wider set of buildings.

In response, the Construction sector established the “Building a Safer Future Charter” which established five key pledges to demonstrate a commitment to putting the safety and lives of building occupiers before any other building considerations.

Martin Arnold are signatories of this charter and are proud to be active proponents of a positive cultural/behavioural change in the safety of the built environment, using the Charter Commitments as an instrumental tool for improving building safety by correcting current practice and behaviours.

The five Charter Commitments are:
Collaborate to spearhead culture change and be the voice of building safety across our sector.
Be transparent in the interests of safety, sharing key information with residents, clients, contractors and statutory bodies in a useful and accessible manner in the design, construction and occupation phases of the process.
Make safety a key factor of choice in who we work with, ensuring that building safety is placed at the centre of selection decisions without compromising quality or value for money
Ensure that the voices and safety of residents, visitors and employees are central in our decision making processes
Set out and communicate clear responsibilities within our organisation and with our partners, ensuring everyone with a stake in the building during design, construction and occupation understands their role and has the time and resources they need to achieve and maintain building safety
The BSF Charter has been highlighted by Dame Hackett as a major force in creating a fundamental shift in the culture and leadership of the construction industry, two aspects that were highlighted in the Hackett Report as contributing to the cause of the disaster.