£3.5 Billion of Extra Funding for Landlords for Unsafe Cladding

The new deadline for applications is 30 June 2021 and works must start by 30 September 2021,
building owners wishing to claim funding related to leasehold dwellings can now also do so. £3.5 billion has been made available to cover cladding removal from buildings over 18 metres or six storeys in height.

Leaseholders in buildings under 18 metres could still have to pay for the work themselves, although the Government announced a long-term financing scheme where those in four to six-storey buildings will pay, at most, £50 a month for cladding removal, though exact details of this plan are still being finalised.

There is speculation that the current funding total will only cover approximately 1/3 of the housing stock over 18m in the UK with a further £6-10 billion needed to ensure all buildings with unsafe cladding above 18m are removed and replaced.

Applying for Funding
The newly topped-up BSF is open to owners or the ‘Responsible Entity’ of buildings over 18 metres tall in both the private and social sector, which the Government says are most dangerous, but these are by no means the only buildings affected by the cladding situation.

We are currently working tirelessly with Landlords to meet the deadline, to ensure our clients are successful we are: –
Completing intrusive external wall inspections.
Reporting on findings and recommendations for appropriate remedial solutions.
Appointing competent Fire Engineers to comment on findings and confirm recommendations.
Appointing a design team to specify remedial works.
Engaging with Contractors to submit tenders or negotiate works price due to time constraints.
Submitting final information to the BSF portal for analysis & approval.
What is not covered by the Funding?
Costs for fire related remediation works, that are not covered by the BSF will therefore need to be paid for by the landlord and or the leaseholders, these include substantial costs for:
Missing or defective cavity barriers
Balconies constructed from combustible materials
Defective internal fire stopping
Ongoing waking watch costs & common alarm systems
Fire alarm system upgrades & improvements
Rising insurance premiums to affected buildings
Please feel free to contact us to discuss the BSF and whether you think you might be entitled to make a valid claim against unsafe cladding, or if any of the fire related issues not covered in the BSF that you suspect might be affecting your buildings.