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Return to work CDM Action Plan - Post Covid-19

Monday 4th May 2020

As the Principal Designer, it is Martin Arnold’s responsibility to ensure that our Clients have the confidence to know that their sites are operating to the highest standards regarding the protection of site personnel and any site visitors from the potential infection of Coronavirus and to this end, we will be implementing the following actions to ensure this is the case.

CDM Regulations 2015 – Client duties
In particular, our focus will be to ensure the Client’s compliance of the duties assigned to them under Regulation 4. In ensuring construction works can be carried out whilst minimising risks to the health and safety of any persons, with a particular emphasis on the facilities required by Schedule 2 relating to the provisions of adequate welfare provisions.
Martin Arnold have already begun the process of requesting Principal Contractors amend and re-submit their Construction Phase Plans, Method Statements and Risk Assessments for review by ourselves to ensure the required changes to existing operating procedures have been made to provide the maximum protection and minimised risk to all site personnel and site visitors from the potential of Coronavirus infection. This includes additional levels of management to ensure observance of physical distancing, reflective of the essential social distancing measures now in place and increased personal hygiene requirements. A summary of key additional requirements requested for inclusion within Construction Phase Plans include the following:

  • Updated Risk Assessments and Method Statements for both new and existing Contractor’s on site.
  • Updated company and site specific management strategies on how essential social distancing guidelines will be enforced and policed, whilst maintaining effective operations.
  • Updated details of any new site procedure(s) in place to monitor and improve overall site hygiene for all attendees.
  • Updated details of how Contractor’s will monitor and mitigate the risk of trades being in close contact with each other when completing works on site.
  • Updated details on how the Principal Contractor’s will monitor and mitigate the risk of trades being in close contact with each other when using site welfare facilities such as offices, WC, canteens and drying rooms.
  • Updated details of on-site reporting procedures and methodology for accurate record keeping should an operative report an illness whilst on site, or before visiting the site.

In circumstances where we believe the submitted documentation does not meet the standards required by the Governments/HSE Guidelines, Martin Arnold will liaise with the Principal Contractor to ensure we are satisfied that the proposed site operating health and safety procedures are improved and, therefore, satisfactory prior to works remobilising.
Following confirmation that revised Construction Phase Plans are adequate and following remobilisation on site, Martin Arnold will aim to attend each site individually to undertake a practice standard site audit which has been collated to align with the CLC’s Site Operating Procedures provided to the industry in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.
In carrying out these reviews, we believe the Client and Principal Contractor will continue to demonstrate their compliance of the duties set out above.
Implied Insurance Terms
Martin Arnold will review with Principal Contractors any proposed changes to operating procedures, including those to protect site personnel and site visitors from the potential of Coronavirus infection, has not impacted upon existing insurance policy conditions.
Site Visitor Procedures
When reviewing the revised principal contractor health and safety documentation, emphasis will be given to the restrictions / procedures on visitors to site during this period of Government “lock-down”. Where visits by non-site personnel become necessary, we will seek to ensure the provisions are in place for visitors to be re-inducted to site to become familiar with any additional requirements relating to site hygiene operating standards.
In all aspects of our review of the matters detailed above, Martin Arnold will seek to ensure that the current/changing Government/HSE guidelines are being fully implemented into site operating procedures.
Martin Arnold consider the health and wellbeing of all people to be of the utmost importance. Where we are acting as Principal Designer, we will work to confirm that whilst sites remain open and operational during this period of uncertainty, the works will be completed safely and efficiently and that the correct supervision and management procedures will be in place. 
Please get in contact should you wish to further discuss or if there is something we can help you with.

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