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MA Climb Mt Everest!

As you may remember, Martin Arnold ran our TWENTYin20  initiative last year to mark our 20th year in business.

We completed a series of challenges to celebrate, underpinned by the aim to raise and donate £20,000 to charity.

Well, we slightly underestimated our fundraising ability and our final figure was an incredible £42,000!

The charities we supported included British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research, Firefighters Memorial Trust, Greenwich Starting Blocks, Centre Point, Jermain Defoe Foundation, Charlton Toy Library, Crisis, The Pituitary Foundation, Scope, Alzheimer’s, MacMillan, CRASH.

So, why stop there?

We decided to run one more campaign to get us to a grand total of £50,000 during September by climbing Everest!

MA sponsored our team to climb 8,848m by climbing 3 flights of stairs a day, for 30 days. We did so well, we climbed the equivalent of the mountain almost twice, totalling 15,000 metres.

We asked you to tell us how to share out our final donation amongst the nominated charities. The final split is 37% to Cancer Research, 16% to Bliss, 34% to Dementia UK and 13% to Shelter.

We've created a vimeo channel to share with you our video's of the team getting their steps in.

We climbed Everest!


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