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As we enter our 20th year of business, the Directors of Martin Arnold have decided to launch a year-long initiative called TWENTYin20. We are setting ourselves a series of challenges to celebrate 20 years in business. Central to the initiative is to raise and donate a minimum of £20,000 to charity.
In addition to our 20th year celebrations, and to build on our success in winning Best Employer’s Agent 2018 at the National Housing Awards, we have committed to several challenges that will take our performance as a business to an even higher level. We will be undertaking challenges across many different spectrums, all focused on building the strength of our organisation to further improve the positive impact that we're determined to have within the industry and our operating environment.
Physical Challenges
To raise and donate in excess of £20,000 to charity: Our employees are often challenging themselves physically for charity, be it climbing a mountain, running a marathon or cycling across Countries. We participate in various company-led fund raising activities too, such as raffles, cake mornings and Christmas jumper day. Martin Arnold will be match funding all funds raised by our staff members who undertake sponsored activities.

Business Challenges
We will be setting internal company challenges to help achieve our sustained long-term growth; new clients, number of new employees, better communication to our clients on key topics and occupying new strategic office locations to more effectively serve our clients. These challenges will also include achieving enhanced accreditations, compliance and winning more awards!

Skills & Training Challenges
Skills and training challenges will include work placements, trainees trained, graduates recruited, staff becoming qualified in their field of expertise and CPD hours completed  - all designed to continue our investment in our greatest asset - Our People.

Community Challenges
In addition to our financial charitable donations, we will be undertaking community challenges. We are committing to donating our time by serving food at food kitchens, donating to food banks and giving free advice to community organisations. We have recently been working with WSUP, a local homeless charity based in Woolwich, and over the next few years there will be many initiatives we can help them with.

Environmental & Well Being Challenges
We will put in place active measures to encourage less car use, reduce our carbon footprint and increase recycling. We will encourage more cycling, walking and healthy eating. We will start a ‘stop smoking’ initiative and increase awareness of mental health.
Each challenge will be reported on multiple platforms, including our new blog: 

We welcome you to share and spread the word about our TWENTYin20 initiative and are looking forward to what the next 12 months has in store!



Martin Arnold @MA_Surveyor